Large Tractor Track assembly(No.762B)
Large Tractor Track assembly(No.762B)

Product Numbers: No.762B

Product description: Tracked vehicles offer huge advantages over wheeled vehicles, in terms of low ground pressures, and excellent traction. Now JCI Tracks extends those advantages to standard four-wheel-drive vehicles, with a set of four rubber track assemblies, which simply bolt on to the hubs in place of the road-wheels! In the time that it takes to change all four wheels, the truck can be transformed into a high-mobility tracked vehicle, ideal for traversing snow, mud, sand, peat, etc. Versatility is what makes this innovation so attractive - JCI Tracks can be fitted to any suitable vehicle in your fleet without any modification required.



Front Track Assembly Spec


2050mm L X762mm W X1360mm H

Sprocket diameter:710mm

Sprocket center to Ground:924mm




Rear Track assembly Spec

2450mm L X762mm W X1430mm H

Sprocket Diameter:910mm

Sprocket center to Ground:967mm



Material:Steel and Rubber

Running Temperature+55°- -40°

Rubber Tread hight:30mm

Track outside style:Agricultural style

Frame Pinting:Rad,Blue,Green and optional

Terrain:Snow,Soft,Mud,Sand,and Rice land.

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